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Sunday, February 11, 2007

2007 DCI Summer Outing
Venue: Infanta, Quezon
Attendees: 1. Mikee 2. Denzter 3. Joms 4. Others..

Di pa nakakaalis...Sige tulog ka muna

Country Side...bili lang ng lambanog...

Gising na! Oras na! (Wahahahaha)

Mamili ka saksak kita o saksak mo! (hehehe)

Goldilocks and the three bears...


Pili na suki...

Lumpiang Ubod..tsalap!

2007 Mr. Pogi Finalist(T-shirt competition)

Sa palaisdaan...dota pa din usapan

Kainan ulet...80th year bday ng lola ko!

Beach Party!!! Umpisahan na!

Beer, pulutan, yosi, tsinelas and other essentials.

Pinsan kong praning...parang igorota!

Nagcoconcentrate sa bonfire.


Nilalamig pa!

Mga pinsan kong pilit nagpapicture

Beach Sunrise.

Beach pa din...

Mga fisherfolks...

Parang LOST ang dating....

Sige hatak lang...upo muna ako

Meron ba nahuling sirena?

Sign sa isang local na tindahan

Isa pang sign...muntik na ako gulpihin ng kunan ko yan!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Queer as Filipino Folks...

I have just gotten hold of a complete DVD set of the five seasons of Queer as Folks, a series in the U.S. tha deals with gay issues, concerns and other homo topics. It's kinda like Sex in the City but sexier (in a gay sort of way). The setting was Pittsburg, it shows the many places people like me go to for fun, dancing, clubbing and specially finding 'tricks'. You would usually find the four friends in the gym, eating at their favorite bistro, clubbing at Babylon or just hanging out at Woody’s. I kinda wish that I was in Pittsburg.

One day when I was on my usual once a month ‘sick leave’, I got to talk to a person I met, well, on some shady place that I would not mention. We talked about life, love and places to go when you need to be ‘alone’. He told me about this place near the Quezon City area that a gay person would love to go to. So one day I set up an appointment with him and we went to this place. The place was full of surprises. At the entrance you would seem to enter a cheap derelict of a building, and when you enter, they would point you to a locker room where you have to strip to your birthday suit. Wearing only a towel (this part was pretty embarrassing for first timers), he gave me a tour of the place. First of was the gym, complete with every conceivable fitness device. It’s so nice to see gym fit people sweating it out on the threadmill or see them flexing their muscles on the heavy barbells. Next stop was the steam baths, then on to the jacuzi, and then on the bar. There is also a room where you could watch gay porn and there are private rooms on the second and third floors of the building where you and your ‘tricks’ could…

The people who frequent the place are so bootylicious (except for some not so pleasing to the eye), the ambience is great and you feel the you are amongst peers (gay peers to be exact). So people, my people, if you happen to read this and is interested to join the club (it was a members only kinda place), just give me a holler I am more than happy to point you to the right direction (after extensive screening of course). Nice to know I don’t have to migrate to Pittsburg after all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


My bestfriend was about to take his vacation and is going back to the Philippines to be with friends and family. The day he arrived a storm warning was issued that a super storm would hit the metro within 24 hours. It was Thursday when the storm hit. Good thing that my friend arrived the day before. The storm was so strong that I feared that any moment our roof would be blown away by its fierce winds. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when her house was uprooted by a tornado. Luckily, the house survived with minimum damage (though I can’t say the same for the surroundings). During the storm a blackout swept over the metropolis, it was a major bummer. We were clueless that this blackout would last for four days! My bestfriend called and we chatted. I told him that he brought with him the storm and we laughed at it not knowing the series of unfortunate events to come.

Saturday, my bestfriend told me to gather the whole gang so that we could go out and celebrate his arrival. First on our itinerary was the computer shop on the side of the metro where the blackout did no longer affect. When the whole gang got there the shop was filled to a point that you could imagine that PC spaces are under rationing. So we searched the area for other shops so that we could play before going into party mode. Alas, no open PC shop offered vacant PC’s and seats for us weary wanderers. So we decided to go to the mall. As unlucky as we were, the moment we stepped on the mall the lights went out (no people it was not Friday the thirteenth). We decided to eat first and wait for the lights to come on. After eating it was about sunset, so my friend and I decided not to play anymore and head straight to the bar to get reservations for the gang, we were a party of 10 mind you and it was no easy feat to get a table for 10 on a Saturday night. So a friend and I went to the bar in advance while the others looked for a computer shop. We rode a taxi, and as the taxi was getting over the flyover, (oh my gosh!) it stalled. Yikes! My friend and I were forced to push the vehicle until it spurred to life. Talk about a day of mishaps! When we arrived at the bar I immediately ordered an ice cold beer and chugged it like I was roaming the desert for weeks!

I never had a more exhausting day in my life. Good thing that I have spent this horrible day with my closest friends… and the booze was unlimited courtesy of my bestfriend!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The idiots, the jerks and the asshole...

It happens so very not often that I am resolute enough to wake up in the early morn' so that I could go to work early. I took home my laptop this weekend so that I could watch the second season of 'Lost' at home. Then I realized that on Monday it would be such a drag (literally) to carry it back to work. So I decided to wake up early to get a head start to the throngs of people that would ride the LRT. Just when I decided to be early, the other half of the working population also decided to be early. So here I was in a train full of people with idiots, jerks and an asshole.

The train was so full that people are really crammed to each other almost face to face. Imagine my horror and disgust when a guy on my left (probably a construction worker from the looks of his clothes, unkempt nails and bulky bag) just yawned and I mean YAWNED. Haven't this people ever heard of ethics? On a situation such as this one you do not yawn like all that. I could see his tonsils from my vantage point and it ain't a pretty sight. Good thing he did brush his teeth no noxious vapors or odors did come leaking out from the very untimely yawn. And people, remember this, yawning in public is contagious. So in a crowded (and I mean crowded!) place, please cover your mouth when you yawn. It's hard to turn one's head away only to be greeted by another gaping orifice! Another idiot I encountered relatively often, are the women who can't seem to get into the women's part of the train. There are times when a woman would get into the part of the train that is coed and would then complain that someone was groping her...well hellllloooo. You made that decision yourself girl, deal with it! Sheesh! Idiots!

Then there are those people who have fun tormenting other people. These are the people who no matter how far they are from the hand rail, they would still cling to it. No matter if their arm is pressed against your face and his sweat is mingling with yours. So you tend to turn your head this way and that so that the guy would notice that it is seriously bothering you that his arm skin is in contact with your face skin, and seriously, you ain't sure what type of germs, bacteria, and fungi might be lurking around his dermal highways. I don't know if they are just oblivious to the fact that they are bothering other people no matter how obvious that person shows his/her annoyance or are they really just jerks. I say the latter!

Lastly the assholes...they are the types who complains about anything and everything. Thinking they are so high and mighty and that no person is worthy enough to stand beside him/her let alone have skin-to-skin contact! They are those that think that everyone else is so callous and that other people do not care for the feelings of others. They oftentimes, call other people idiots and jerks. Be on the lookout for these people for they are crazier than normal and more rabid than the idiots or the jerks. So are you an idiot, a jerk or an asshole? Personally...I think I'm an ....(pun intended)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Got Milk? .... Ooohhh

Whenever I am brushing my teeth in the rest room and my straight officemates are there with me, it is always brought up in the conversation the fact that I am gay. They would ask me silly (and embarrassing) questions which I scarcely answer straight faced. One such question is 'What does a gay person get from getting backstabbed? (hihihi) ' I answered that the action actually triggers a physical stimulation that eventually lead to release. This is called 'milking the prostate'. Known only to some (since this is mostly a medical term), some people are oblivious to the fact that such occurrence does exist. Prostate milking, also known as prostate massage, is the stimulation of the prostate gland usually done for medical (most commonly used term is massage) or for sexual purposes (thus the milking term).

The prostate gland is an integral part of the male sexual response. Located adjacent to the rectum, most seminal fluid are gathered here and released after significant stimuli has been applied. Albeit, prostate massaging was first used to alleviate symptoms of patients with chronic prostatitis, people have since found other ways to exploit this method for other, hmmm..., ways.
If you have watched the movie 'Road Trip', you'll this as a part of its comic ingredient.

So there you have it folks, so people read up and please...don't make me answer any more embarrassing questions...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Under the Gaydar...

Me and a friend of mine, share the ride home most of the time. One day while we were driving thru the bustling metropolis we call Makati, we stopped on an intersection because of the stoplight. My friend and I have devised a game to entertain ourselves thru the traffic. Whenever we would stop on an intersection, she would point out persons who she thinks would appeal to my taste. People that I like, usually gets the 'Hello' response and those that are far from my 'standards' gets the 'Hell No!' response. Then she pointed to a guy crossing the street, my reaction was far from the usual which kinda baffled her. I told her that the guy was definitely gay. And I asked her can't she tell if a person is gay or not even if that person does not do any gay actions or reactions?

It made me wonder...why is it that people like us tend to unmask other people like us? Is there a certain hormone that we emit that only people like us could identify? I believe that we of the specie homo homo, have this mutant (much like the X-Men pun definitely intended!) ability that links us to other people like us. I have witnessed this identification phenomenon over and over again that led me to conclude that it is not mere coincidence. We really do have the 'gift'. I asked my friend to ask her friend, who actually knows people who are lesbos, if they too have the gift. and the answer was an astonishing 'yes'. So it is not isolated on the 'guy?' half of the specie homo homo! Beware Gotham the X-Men/Women are here!

The discovery kinda makes me proud to be of the homo homo specie! How about you 'ordinary people not like us'! Can you tell? Too bad! Boo hoo hoo!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Three States of Matter...
When we were just on our years in primary school we learned about the three states of matter. Then as technology, as well as science, advanced we were introduced to the fourth. Then as I was talking to my friends (from the dark side), I stopped to think that gay people can be likened to the three states of matter. So kids listen closely, we might have a surprise quiz after this...lolz.
Let's start with the most unstable state...the 'gas'. They are the gay persons that we commonly see working in beauty parlors. Most commonly referred as screaming fags, they are those that dresses like women, has loud voices (like people they are talking with are always ten feet away from them), they don various colored hairs (from pink to green) and they are what I deem as the most desperate to be what they are not. I am not posing judgment on these people, but hey, people like us have enough problems to deal with, so let's not give them (people not like us) reason to discriminate or even (worst case scenarios) hate us. I highly respect the 'gas' flamboyant nature and sense of style, and their loud sense of humor certainly could perk up a rather mundane conversation. A more scientific term for the 'gas' people are transvestite (look it up in the dictionary!).

The next state is the 'liquid' state. The liquid state is a mix-breed of the first and the last states. They are loud as loud can be, but retains the attire (and some manners) of our indigenous gender. We can closely examine this state of matter almost anywhere. From the notorious backwater movie houses of Quiapo to the high-end lofts of Makati. People like us coined this state as pamintang durog. I, and most of my friends on the dark side, typically belong in this category. We tend to stick together and sometimes shun the company of the 'gas' state. The 'liquid' state has a firm grip of his/her (?) sexual orientation and is not as desperate to be what one cannot.
As you all know, 'solid' is the last state. They are the ones that we normally term as closet queens. They are in hiding and are afraid to show other people what they really are. We commonly see this kind of people at gyms flexing their muscles, exercising, trying to salvage what little sense of their nature there is (but frankly they are there to ogle over other 'real' guys' abs and plexuses). I have met a number of them and for various reasons these people chose to hide who they really are. Coined as pamintang buo they have the hardest, not to mention loneliest times for they cannot fully enjoy themselves for fear that they would be exposed.
Hope this little comparison give you (people not like us) an inside look of the world that we (people like us) move in. So in case you by discover a fourth or even a fifth state please post a comment so that we could scientifically verify your discovery.